Breakfast, Black dress and Pearls..

                                            Ohhh that pretty blue box... How I love you!!

      He was supposed to be on a business trip in another state and I had planned on working late... On approaching the apartment looking for my keys, the door was slightly ajar and on the floor leading to that tiny blue box were red rose petals ...and then, appearing from nowhere, sweating like a pig in his suit..He fell on one knee and proposed to me.

Here is the bummer.. We have no idea where the ring is... While pregnant with Brandon, I removed it from my swollen finger and placed it on the bed side table at the hotel where we staying..We have a theory that Dylan then a 1year old may have swallowed it or flushed it down the toilet..hehehehe... How sad. Well, now I wear a simple silver band with an embedded diamond from Tiffanys...

So Valentine's Day is soon approaching and I think that every girl should get the opportunity to receive "the little blue box"... Guys it is time to step it up without eating crackers and water for a year and single ladies, you could buy yourself this pretty little box for yourself and still get those pumps.

 Here are my top 6 Tiffanys gifts  $100 and under!!!

                                                                        Tiffany Notes


                                                              Tiffanys Notes Charm

                                                                        Flat Pouch

                                                                      Tiffany Hearts


For those of you are able to go all the way, click here and happy shopping!!!

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