The Last Supper..

Oh Our final night of dining... I had by then gained 16 lbs during the Summer which will be very apparent in the photos, but who cares... Life is good.. I will lose it when the misery kicks it.. I couldn't WAIT to go to this particular restaurant as my husband raved about how great the food was after dining during a business dinner...


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Again, we arrived very late in the evening..  The Valet guy was very pleasant but something just seemed off. There was a very pungent fishy smell as I walked towards front door. "Fooo!!" I said to Trevor.. "Good grief I know it's a seafood restaurant but they needed to put a Glage Plug Ins or something at the entrance." AS we entered, we were not greeted in the lounge area but instead we had to peak to see whether someone was there (bad impression number 2).. We were then brought in and shown all the different types of oysters from around the globe in this huge glass case then we were seated. ( That was Impressive)
We were escorted to our table...

It's time to change tables..

Lord, I could go on and on but I am getting agitated with all the negativity I have already typed so I will just give little tid bits.


Fall is sooo Yesterday.....

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Oh My Goshhh...... Oh My Goshhhhh...... I haven't even blogged about Fall.. The BEST time of the year in Tampa... but..... I couldn't WAIT to post about the yummy new mini candles for the HOLIDAY SEASON now available at Bath and Body Works ONLINE ONLY... (In stores October 3rd)...and they are

3 for $5 !!

Spiced Apple Toddy

Candies Sugar Plum

Merry Mistletoe

Dark Chocolate Mint


Marshmallow Peppermint

Winter Night

Cranberry Pear Bellini


Little Yummies Next Page..


Simple... "It's Love"

I wish God took video clips of people's lives and had a website where we could subscribe to view the courses of their lives.
I wonder at what point in a married couple's life that they experience that feeling of complete comfort with being in each other's company where nothing has to be said or implied.. It's no longer work.. It's just peace, solace, happiness...
Some things are not fair in life... Like when a couple who has been married to each other for over 60 years soon experience the loss and grief of one passing away... It should be in God's plan that they both leave this earth together...

I wonder if my husband and I will have the opportunity to look at our wrinkles together with whatever technological item that will be around that time.. But most importantly, I hope he will still want me to drop my dress and see my "boobies" at 79..
Thank you Bruce and Ester Huffman for showing us the purity of true love...


INVALUABLE Thanksgiving...

......It's Friday evening after the good news of the tests results among other things I will mention later... Brio closes at 11:00 pm on Fridays.. We left our house at 10:15 pm for our 40 minutes drive... Had to call our girl "Heather" at the bar to place the order before the kitchen closed... Never ran so quickly in heels...

                                                    Wow.. We made it... I'm dizzy!!!

INVALUABLE Birthday Gift....

Sooooo, to conclude my birthday celebration, there was one more important gift that I had to receive.. Remember in my earlier post here where I spoke of the importance of a regular pap smear, well it was time... I had to wait over a month for my appointment, but the time had come..
This year, I have been having the strangest of thoughts ..