Heal our minds dear Lord

                                                        Clips from HOARDERS

             For the past 3 hours I have been watching the show Hoarders for the first time and besides being extremely nauseous and sad, I feel stupid. I started a new blog http://dearlisab.blogspot.com/ where I tackle more serious and candid topics. I believe that my purpose is more than just what I live day to day and with forums as this, I could shamelessly be the guinea pig/martyr and tell my stories that so many other people privately experience but never speak about. You are not alone. Anyhow, one of my posts titled EMBARRASSED , I spoke about my shame of having to put out one of my son's mattress in my lanai. I did not mention which child just to protect their pride. This is unacceptable where I live but I don't know what else to do because the stench in unbearable and I don't have golden pockets to purchase a mattress every other day which is on average as often as it gets soiled. Here I am watching people who live in such deplorable conditions with broken spirits, minds and hearts. Some have accepted their illness, some are in denial. One common denominator is something has happened in their lives to lead them to that lifestyle. There are so many broken people out there. Mental illness is so prevalent. I really don't think society realizes that many of the problems out there are as a result of the poor mental state of society. From our soldiers returning from war and their spouses and families left behind, to the child who was given up into the foster care system and has hopped fr0m home to home and family to family in their short life. Meanwhile, I am here being hard on myself for putting a mattress outside because it smells and it's disgusting. We never quite realize how much we over react to certain things where others are living by far worse than what we think is bad in our world. On this Sunday, I ask you God to heal and protect our minds and when the world seems like it's rolling rather than rotating that it's ok to ask for help. It's not an admission to failure but to victory from the crosses that we bear..


bigstu said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Lisa....every now and again we need a reality check to appreciate the blessings that we have, as they always far outweigh the negatives.

Lisa B said...

Thank you so much Stu. I thought it have sounded like mushy psycho babble but I think most of what I say and think is psycho babble and I have to should accept it by now. hehehe. Kisses darling and have a lovely day!!