Farewell January..

    To pay homage to the month that for many was cold and dreary ,yet for others gave us the inspiration to wake up our curiosity about who we possibly are but more importantly what our "PURPOSE" is. I have chosen my fashion picture of the day because to me it expressed the colors and mood of January and because it's the eve of the month of loveeeee....Bring in the sex appeal... Very cute and flirty!!!

Click here for more views of this outfit...

                     P.S. ...gosh she is pretty!!

Have a blessed day!!!!


Breakfast, Black dress and Pearls..

                                            Ohhh that pretty blue box... How I love you!!

      He was supposed to be on a business trip in another state and I had planned on working late... On approaching the apartment looking for my keys, the door was slightly ajar and on the floor leading to that tiny blue box were red rose petals ...and then, appearing from nowhere, sweating like a pig in his suit..He fell on one knee and proposed to me.

Here is the bummer.. We have no idea where the ring is... While pregnant with Brandon, I removed it from my swollen finger and placed it on the bed side table at the hotel where we staying..We have a theory that Dylan then a 1year old may have swallowed it or flushed it down the toilet..hehehehe... How sad. Well, now I wear a simple silver band with an embedded diamond from Tiffanys...

So Valentine's Day is soon approaching and I think that every girl should get the opportunity to receive "the little blue box"... Guys it is time to step it up without eating crackers and water for a year and single ladies, you could buy yourself this pretty little box for yourself and still get those pumps.

 Here are my top 6 Tiffanys gifts  $100 and under!!!

                                                                        Tiffany Notes


                                                              Tiffanys Notes Charm

                                                                        Flat Pouch

                                                                      Tiffany Hearts


For those of you are able to go all the way, click here and happy shopping!!!


Romance in Spring!

                                                              Sexier than being nude..

There is something so alluring about a fully clothed woman showing just snibbets of skin in the right places... With the subtle peachy pink color, the off the shoulder, slit in the leg this delicately draped dress would be my pick if I were a guy for his lady. The color projects innocence, the fabric shows her curves and the peek a boos of skin shows the sex appeal.. More importantly, it looks easy enough for him to take off.. No work to it...



The word BRIO means vivacious and spirited in Italian.. In patois "Anafere and mashancorcorm" hahahaha...I had to add that..

Many many months ago I had dined there for lunch with "Logi Bear" and enjoyed their food tremendously, but besides telling me the special of the day, they forgot to give me the memo about weekday specials. Between the hours of 3pm - 7pm and 9:00pm - close, Mondays to Fridays, Brio serves $2.95 appetizers at the bar... Yes.... $2.95!!!! ...and I am not talking about french fries and ketchup.. Gourmet burgers, bruschettas etc..

Click HERE for a clearer menu

Margherita Flatbread

Beef Carpaccio

Spicy Shrimp and Eggplant

Sliced Steak Bruschetta


                                                  Brio Burger

Ouuuu that was delicioso

..............Of course I had to return with my Logan today....

"Ok Mommy time to go...... I need a nap"

Check the bow legs...Poorjab..hehehehe.. Julietta's grandchild all the way...

Click here for your nearest Brio Tuscan Grille...

More Photos...

Sweet like candy but tastes better "ON" me..

                                         Candy Warehouse Pink Bubblegum Chiclets
                          Question:  How would you wear some sweet delicious candy?

Click "Read More" for Answer

..and the guests said ..OUUUUUUU!!!



      No need to squint your eyes... I have already done it for you. hahaha.. Could you imagine being grounded and sent to your room to this? I think I would have eaten more brown sugar from the canister and watched television on weekdays which was a no-no at my house... It is the amazing craftsmanship of the fabulous Judson Beaumont...

 You could view more of Mr. Beaumont's designs here .... Sooo KEWL!!!!

Watch out for that puddle!!


..And the Winner is Part 2

What was the name of the maid/maiden in "Beauty and the Beast"

Click NEXT for answer, winner and PRIZE!!!

YOU are so yummy!!!!

Yup..It's me and my Logi Bear... the day after his 1st birthday bash in August of 2010!! I went all out and almost died doing it.. what a crazy weekend... the bad side of Autism was in full force, but for all who were present my gratitude and joy were palpable.  Anyhow,  I'm going on a mushy tangent..
I had a candy table for his party and one of the coolest things were personlized M and M's with his tiny face on them.  You could also add words and the M and M's come in a variety of different colors... Just the perfect additional TOUCH for your sweetheart for Valentine's Day.

Here is how Logan's M and M's turned out..


Let's toast to Blood Berries!!

I can't breathe!!! 

Warning!! Do not wear this dress to a wedding... you may steal the bride's thunder.

More appropriately, just wow everyone at your Valentine's Day party..

Bonjour, Bonjour!!!!!!!!!

  My name is Lisa Reid and I am officially a Disneyholic. Ever since my mom took me with her entire preschool about 20 or so years ago, I had finally found heaven on earth..I wasn't into the princess thing but instead, I was thinking of the future.. I wanted a house exactly like Minnie Mouse..Yupp..that's it right there..

House of Minnie Mouse, Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

  I wanted the house in a gated community with brick pavers to the entrance where they served blueberry muffins from the Smurfs.. Ummm, well, I pretty much got one thing from the list but heh, a girl could wish right?
Anyhow, 1991, during my dreaded puberty years, a beautiful movie of love and acceptance came out and truthfully, I can't remember where I saw it but I knew that I cried and that it was one of the most heartwarming movies I had ever seen...It was Beauty and The Beast... This year, I have promised myself to attend as many theatrical performances as I can.. Rather than ordering the 2 for $20 meals at Chilis, I would rather save to support the arts. So, my second trip to the theater.. Live on stage... Beauty and the Beast..


Pretty Sex!!

I'd say the title for this post could be considered an oxymoron, but seriously, how else could I describe this luxurious fragrance? The last time I had worn perfume was before the birth of my first son.. I think  Hot Couture was the "it" scent at the time..Well years have passed and I wanted to know what would be my pick for 2011.. My invitiation to the FiFi awards seemed to have gotten lost in the mail,( hehehehe) so I decided to be a good sport and go to the stores to do some sampling..
   HAAAAAAAAA (with my eyes slightly closed)...


"Flowerbomb" by Viktor and Rolf

 It's like beautiful crushed pink petals mixed with a new born baby's breath stirred in liquid gold...It's sensual, sexual, alluring...  ohh and you have to check out Viktor and Rolf's pretty cool website.... This is the perfect Valentine's Day gift..



      I played lawn tennis growing up and at that time a young Andre Agassi (below) was the "hunka hunka" of the moment. He pretty much brought color, specifically neons to the ever so perfect white tennis gear. He was the sweet mannered, anti McEnroresque rebel on the court.... He was hot!!!


Did someone say ARROZ con POLLO CALIENTE!!!!!!

Rafael Nadal!!!. Where were you in the 1980's? Now I can't even vaccuum without my back going out.. This spanish born number 1 tennis player is the new "face" or should I say "assets" for ARMANI jeans and he is definitely living up to his number1seed in the world... not only for tennis that is..


What the "FUNK" are you "ROCKING"

   The year was 1999... I was making minimum wage which was $5.15/hour teaching at a pre school and ironically made twice as much babysitting....( can anyone even eat making $5.15/hour now?) Anyhow, I was very content when I got my pay check because the first place I always went was The Gap. I was very much into all things "Grunge" and lived for Miami's 94.9 Zeta because CD's were so expensive back then.  I would feast on cold left over Papa John's Pizza and water all week in order to purchase my rare staples of car bumper stickers (Stool, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana) and of course if a must have piece of clothing was over $40,  but behold the SALE RACK!!...and there it was...

What looked like the beat up version of that Michael Jackson red Thriller leather jacket I wanted when I was about ten years old but my mom said to me in creole tongue "Ti Mamai ki kotay ou kweh ou sah allez ek bagai chad sah la un St. Lucie....chewps...just sorti la tun" (Child where do you think you could go with that hot thing in St. Lucia? kisses her teeth... just move from there!!)
 I was going to get that jacket!!!.....


Just because "I Love You"... MAMA!!!!

   In my opinion, there is no better gift from a child than something handmade.. I have certainly gotten my share over the years that have made me weep profusely, mainly because I could only imagine how much it took from my two precious boys to sit for a period of time, partaking in something that was of no interest to them. However, if a craft session is not in the horizon this year, this is the book I recommend for New Moms. Hopefully dads and grandparents will take that task under their wings.

                                            I Love You: A Keepsake Storybook Collection

I am in love with this book!!

"Logi Bear" was 4 months old when I purchased this book and would look at me in amazement when I readit to him. Here are the first couple pages inside....

Just because "I Love You"...Friend..

    Valentine's Day is on my mind a little more than usual this year, but not in the traditional sense. I am thinking  of it more as "Appreciation Day".... Love is such a complex yet powerful word.. Just as the word Friend... Both those words are often misused but when used in the same sentence, it could often be felt deep within. I love giving gifts to "friends". It may not be a particular occasion or expensive but sometimes it's "just because" and it's the thought that counts.. I have grown "in love" with this little item because I think that it may have helped save my life recently.
     Almost two months ago during the crazed holiday shopping season, my bag was stolen from my vehicle. In that bag were very important original documents that at the time I was told could not be duplicated. I was devastated. The fear and anxiety literally sent my into a tidal mental breakdown but things could have been a whole lot worse if my wallet/cards were in that bag. Instead, I have always had the phylosophy of not keeping all cards cards in your wallet in my bag. They should always be separated and that's where my little Coach Madisson Skinny Mini comes into play. 

 It attaches to your key chain and in there I believe you should have whatever cards you need to use that day, your driver's license and space left for receipts. I bought it because I have always been fearful of getting distracted if I was ever out with the kids and leaving my bag somewhere. Instead, if I drop my keys, the furthest I could get to is my car and then realize that I can't enter without my keys. That's what makes the "Coach Madison Mini Skinny" my top pick for the BEST FRIEND/S in your life for Valentine's Day (Appreciation Day)... Ohhh and it's under $50!!!!


I see trees of GREEN...

Gosh we have been through so much..      
If you ask me, I will say 14 years...
If you ask him, he will say 10..

We have experienced the three births of our beautiful children...
We have relocated more times than we should
We have experienced the sadness of our two boys' autism diagnosis
We have cried together...
Laughed together....
Funerals, Weddings...
Made important decisions together..
You have proudly allowed me to wear the pants in the family,
....and never once questioned my performance as a wife and mother..