Mothers, Teach Your Sons...

I am not sure why I have been thinking of this all evening..  I have three sons. Never in my wildest dreams did I even think I would bring a son into this world but I was blessed with 3!!.. After the third one, I decided to have a burial service for the name "Meagan", because there wasn't going to be a girl... shop's closed!!!
 So what is my role and how much of an influence do I have on them as a mother?

This is what I know for sure... Video Thumb

1. It is imperative that I raise them to learn to wash dishes by hand.
2. Learn to cook at least three basic different meals including a "one pot".
3. Learn to hand wash clothes.
4. Learn to take a  shower with one gallon of water.
5. Learn to brush their teeth with a dry sugar cane husk.
6. Learn to mop on their hands and knees with a rag.
7. Learn to fold a tuck in sheet
8. Learn to carry a bucket of water on their head.
9 Learn to change another child's diaper.
10. Teach them how to love.

Those answers may seem a little odd but what I believe is that women are expected to become chameleons in life when sudden changes occur.

If we were always professionals and suddenly lost our jobs, it is expected that we know how to become an instant housewife. Are we raising our sons to become house husbands if they lose their jobs?

As women, most of us will do whatever it takes to provide food, water and shelter for our kids. We becomes maids, servants, nannies, housekeepers.. If those were the only jobs available, would our sons be able to provide for their families? Can they go down on their hands and knees to clean floors and bath tubs?

Women are the ones always left with the kids when the men walk away... What if the wife walks away and leaves the kids with him? Will he know what to do?

There are too many grown men who rely on their wives/girlfriends to perform miracles that often go unacknowledged.. We are not invincible and neither are their jobs. How long will they be able survive on basics when they are used to opulence......
What are your thoughts?

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