And the winner is........

Before I announce the winner of this week's contest (or whether there is even a winner), I need an oxygen tank ASAP!!!!!... GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!!  I just spent $141.29 on clothes valued at
$556.90!!!!!  On top of that, I received $75 in store cash to spend between January 31st and February 21st... So, I really only spent $66.29!!!!!... YEAHHHH!!!    

While you ponder on what store that could possibly be, here are the answers to the first "Brandylis and The Bear"  contest.

             1. Vanilla Blouse
             2. Chocolate Bag
             3. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles
             4. Vanilla cupcakes with large dollop of chocolate icing
             5. Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla AND chocolate icing
             6. Vanilla earrings
             7. Vanilla eye shadow
             8. Chocolate cupcake stand
             9.  Last not least, beautiful Chocolate ELLA!!!!!!!

AND THE WINNER IS...................

                                                      NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys were soooooo close!!!!!
However, there is second chance to win.... If anyone is able to name the STORE where I experienced savings bliss today, then the JEWELRY will be yours... You must post your answer under this post.. Deadline is Friday at 6:00 pm EST...  

Now there was a particular submission that I HAD to post because it was soooo funny..

 Mrs. C.F.W said
1 -7 peanut butter yummy treats (chocolate bottom)
2 - 5 chocolate looking cupcakes
3 - My mouth looking at this photo drooling
4 - My ass gaining weight why drooling at this photo
5 - 4 vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ontop and a pink surprise
6 - her purse making me think of a waffler chocolate bar
7 - her hair making me think of chocolate shavings on fancy cakes
8 - her skin reminds me of a beautiful fountain of chocolate
9 - her shirt reminds me of vanilla sherbert

did I win???

Haaaaahahahahaha... I love you!!!!!

If anyone is having troubles logging in to post or subscribing, please email me at brandylis11@gmail.com...


natty said...

roflllllllllllllllll laughing at that person answers!!!!!!

Karin said...

well you did not say if it was clothes for you or the boys - but knowing you it was the boys so I say Gap or Gymboree......

Diane said...

I am going to give four answers, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic. lol!!!!
I need those chocolates.