Another "Son" bites the dust...

I promised myself that I would NEVER comment on the sadness who is Charlie Sheen, as I see him not as the catastrophy who everyone else sees, but I see him as someone's son, someone's father, someone's brother. I have always thought of death as pain of the living which is why many think of suicide as something selfish, but I also see the similarity between death of a loved one and the mourners, AND drug addicts and their families who want so desperately for them to be clean and sober. The dead /addicts feel nothing while the mourners/ loved ones are the ones whose hearts bleed incessantly.

For many years my drug of choice was Rock and Roll and perhaps the adrenaline and eupohoria that I have always felt from that music was perhaps because the the band members were soooo high on their own drugs. They transported it through their music and it was infectuous. I can't describe that feeling. It gave me goose bumps and made me feel like "Flower Child" but without the drugs. I have never tried or taken drugs because I have control issues and I would be damned if this "thing" that I put in my body would control how I feel. I wanted my own mind to be my healer. Besides. I think I am naturally nutty. With that being said, many they need that substance to numb their pain.

 Yesterday, March 8th, Mike Starr the original bassist of Alice in Chains was found dead at a home in Salt Lake City. He has been battling drug addiction for several years. It is not yet certain whether he succumbed to his drug addiction, but he was recently one of the casts of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Pinsky" and battled many demons.

One of the best albums made by Alice in Chains was "Facelist". I knew and still know all the songs in the order they play on the album because I have listened to it so many times over the years. So while we indulge and capitalize on what seems like a "train wreck" (as it's called) that is occuring in sick people's lives, just think of their families and the pain and fear that the live every day.
                                                                      Sleep well Mike Starr.

Alice in Chains "When We Die Young"

Click here for Mike Starr's emotional segment on Celebrity Rehab.

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