Breaking News!!! (Unveiling of IPAD 2)


At Approximately 1:03 pm today, Mr. Steve Jobs surprisingly took the stage at the Yerba Bueana Center to unveil the release of the new IPAD2. According to Sam Grobart of the New York times, he looks the same as he did for the last unveiling. Mr. Jobs was quoted to say  "We've been working on this product for a while and I didn't want to miss it." This is after reports of him taking a medical leave in January, 2011.  So what's in store for the new IPAD2?

iPad2 Mockup 2 4 New iPad 2 Mockup is Really Thin

Steve Jobs states

*33% Thinnner the the first Ipad
*Lighter (1.3 lbs)
*Foreward facing camera for face time video chat,
*A larger speaker,
*A new chip called AG.
*It's Rounder
*It comes in 2 different colors ( white shipped from day 1)
*Bendable, magnetic Smart Covers to prop and grab the device (polyeurethane $39 and leather $69) in 
   many colors. Wakes the Ipad when you open it and put Ipad to sleep when closed.
*Will be available with plans from AT&T AND Verizon
*10 hour Battery life
* Supports 1080p
*Accesory cable for HDMI out. ($39 more)
*A Gyroscope
*16, 32 and 64 GIGABYTE versions
*SHIPS MARCH 11th in the U.S. and March 25 and 26 to more countries
*Starting price $499!!!!

For more information about the features of the new IPAD 2 visit http://www.nytimes.com/


Ethel said...

That's what I hoped the gift would be for coming last in the competition. LOL!!

Lisa B said...

Hahahahaha.. Ohhh you are so funny Ethel!!!