My Bitter Sweet Symphony....

    When I came up with the idea of having a Baby Week here on my blog I had envisioned beautiful, organized fun posts everyday but it has now turned into an emotional journey for me which is not as fun anymore. The mistake I made was to incorporate my personal journey which has been very treacherous into my posts and viewing all those photos of yesteryear brings a flood of mixed emotions..

 As many of you know, this blog started off because I wanted to get out of my sometimes stagnant role of being JUST a mom and finally taking care of myself, indulging in things that I like, but strangely enough, it always come back to being a mom... What can I say? It truly is a significant part of my life.. I have learned to live my life as authentic as I possibly can and that sometimes means taking a halt when I feel like things may be a little off balance, regrouping then returning...

I am also going through the "self healing' process of freeing from self blame of autism and because I am feeling so much better about our situation with our boys, I have also found myself trying to push too hard and too fast as if I was told a secret that the world was coming to an end by the end of this year. However, what I fail to understand is that 8 years of sadness can not be over come in one year.. I have to slow down, be less of a "Mary Katherine Gallagher" and more of a "Maya Angelou"...(hope you caught that analogy) ...hehehe.. So occasionally I may take little breaks from the baby depot and speak of other cool stuff then return to the baby talk.....Please be patient with me....Hey.. it should quite frankly take nine months to finish "Baby Week" ..right..hahaha.. Ok.. now that I have gotten this off my chest, I could proceed....

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