Summer Dreams...

                               Hello There Strangers!!!

How long has it been? Pretty much feels like an eternity.. I never predicted Summer would have come and gone and I would have created perhaps 2 or so posts.. It's times like these that we truly find the humor in the saying "When we Plan..God laughs".. This was an EYE OPENING 3 months for me... My mom was here for the entire duration.. MY plan or should I say hope was that she could perhaps watch the kids while I get many things I have been dying to accomplish done, but this life of mine is not for the faint of heart... My mom has been suffering from Macular Degeneration for the past 10 years which is rapidly deteriorating but she has sight in one eye right now which is what she is holding on to. Pretty sad for a woman who has always been so active and creative all her life.. but I will speak of my mom in a separate post in the near future..
The beginning of the Summer was rough. It began abruptly for the first two boys and they were not at all happy being at home.. No matter what I tried to engage them in, they were always bored ( sounds familiar?)...Until my Birthday...
This year I turned the big 3-5 and for almost a year I thought that I would have this swanky cocktail party at a lovely restaurant.. but as the time quickly approached, I realized that I wasn't quite prepared, so last minute, Trevor and I decided to go out to dinner, we would have reserved a couple seats for friends and it would be simple and intimate.. Well, everyone I called told me they couldn't make it which was actually a shocker considering I have always had parties and people had always come.. and whether it be me and/or Trevor always try to show up when invited.. Was this a joke? Was there a surprise brewing? Perhaps when I showed up they would be there... Well, my mom was able to hold on for dear life and watch the kids for a couple of hours while my husband and I prepared to go out to what was supposed to be my "adult" celebration.. During the car ride, I uttered to him "Is there going to be anyone?" he said "No baby, I am so sorry.. but I have a surprise for you, I got you the license plate you always dreamed of having for a community where you lived"....My heart dropped and it was at that moment... at THAT particular moment, I realized that this Summer, I was going to focus and invest my time once and for all on the two most important relationships in my life.. My relationship with Myself and My Husband and that's where the adventure began.. Here is part ONE of my "Birthday Gratitude Celebration".. at Brio..

Belt: Zara
Necklace: Forever 21
Lipstick: Revlon Coral
Shoes: Jessica Simpson


diane said...

I was looking forward to the recommencement of your blog. I love those shoes!!!!!!!

Yasmin Noel Dirks said...

Lis... You are such an awesome writer. Hope you're compiling all this writing you're doing for your blog for your auto-biography. I will be the first one in line to buy it.... and to top it all, you are one HOT Super-Mommy.