Bliss begins with a HANGER?

       This year, I have officially put myself on my "To Do List"....yup.. This means that if the kids don't take a bath on the weekend, while I choose to sit on the toilet for the entire day with my laptop, trying to figure out why so many "F" words are so bad, ( stay tuned for that blog post) they won't die... My husband will figure it out... So here is what I equate self love to...... an organized closet..... not just ANY organized closet, but one with MATCHING HANGERS..... Ok, Ok I'll take it a step further.......WOODEN MATCHING HANGERS... see, I'm not that difficult to shop for after all..

               What do these photos reveal about me?


Lack of pride
Low self esteem

      I had given all the boys color coordinated hangers and kept all the rejects for myself... After all, I simply
 had grungy tops and sweats, 5 pairs of REEF flip flops all in different colors, holy jeans and trust me not the fashionable ones.. I didn't have a social life, so I didn't buy nice clothes for myself except when we went to Disney. There was no need to have an decent closet.. there was no need to adorn my closet with the "lovelies" because I didn't feel "lovely"...

                                     Now what do we have here?

Ahhhhh....Just utter bliss....I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN !!!
 A hard working deserving woman...

So what's the lesson here... If God decides to include some "Grunge" in your life that you simply can't easily get rid of, take the time to adorn it with the tiniest of luxuries that allows the two dissimilar worlds to coexist in BLISS...

Bye Bye Plastic hangers.. hehehehe

Now if only I could become Elastic Woman and stretch this cubicle into 1000 sq. ft....
(Don't be greedy Lisa)


Diane said...

Firstly when I saw the closet, I was like " I am not alone!" But guess what my boyfriend took apart the closet and folded all my panties, lol, and organized the closet, that was "bliss". And you are right cleansing helps you physically and psychology. Good one Lisa, I am waiting for the rest.

brandylisandthebear said...

HAAAA!!!!! I know I am not alone with this one. Our closets are like diaries. A lovely place to hide all our dirty little secrets and says a whole lot about our mental state..