A Beautiful Mind....

                                                           I love hiccups in life...

....I think of them as pressing the pause button while listening to song you love because of the beat, to research the lyrics, then pressing play, now reading the lyrics along with the song.... It is then that you truly discover whether the song has more substance than just the beat. The next time you listen to that song the emotion you once had may either change or perhaps remain the same...

Sometimes we think most intellects have gone through the traditional path to arrive where we think are their pinnacles of success... but as much as there has been a debate between the mind and the brain, I personally believe that the mind is like the family member who isn't invited to brain's Thanksgiving dinner in Beverly Hills but instead, is sent a bowl of the left overs to him in the slums of California, unbeknownced  to the rest of the family. The family secret is the "mind" was able to purchase the house for the "brain" in Beverly Hills while sacrificing itself and remaining in the slums..
Ever so often we do not press the pause button to give our minds the opportunity to help us achieve the goals that we so desperately want to attain. We do not have confidence in ourselves because our "brain" isn't working at the same speed as everyone else or our "hiccups" seem beyond the unexplained..... AND the reason many people insult our intelligence.....(pause, one eye brow raised)... is because they have a perception of us only through what they view on the outside.. The question is are we on the path towards taking steps to simply shock the hell out of them but most importantly, are we working on our self confidence where we are willing to shock OURSELVES.....

Here are a couple successful celebrities who truly allowed their minds to take power over their brains.....

Do you know what they have in common?


                                                        It's GAME TIMEEEEE!!!!!!!


                                                                     *Peter Jennings


                                                                     *Bill Cosby



     *John Travolta



* Chris Rock

*Frank Sinatra

*Vidal Sassoon

Once again it's GAME TIME on Brandylis and The Bear...

Question: What do the above geniuses in their own right and mind have in common?

Rules:  Post your answer as a comment (not on my Facebook page)... and as before, I will disable the the comments to be viewed until after the contest. If there are multiple responces with the correct answer, I will put the names in a hat and allow Logi Bear to pick one.. hehehehe.. Yep.. the old fashioned way.. There is a catch... if there are less that 25 reponces, the contest will be voided. So you better get your friends and family on board to comment. If they don't know how to comment, teach them.. Deadline is tomorrow, April 4th, at 10:00.pm. Eastern time..

                        So what are you WINNING?

This beautiful makeup set by LORAC valued at $150 !!

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Men, you can also participate for a chance to win for the women in your life.(sister, girlfriend, wife, mother etc)

...and remember..... A Mind is terrible thing to waste.... Explore your talents and abilities before they are taken away..

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Stacy said...

They're all men. They're all famous. None of them finished high school. Can we spell, D.R.O.P.O.U.T?!(some went on to get their GED though).

Where my prize?