Bonjour, Bonjour!!!!!!!!!

  My name is Lisa Reid and I am officially a Disneyholic. Ever since my mom took me with her entire preschool about 20 or so years ago, I had finally found heaven on earth..I wasn't into the princess thing but instead, I was thinking of the future.. I wanted a house exactly like Minnie Mouse..Yupp..that's it right there..

House of Minnie Mouse, Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

  I wanted the house in a gated community with brick pavers to the entrance where they served blueberry muffins from the Smurfs.. Ummm, well, I pretty much got one thing from the list but heh, a girl could wish right?
Anyhow, 1991, during my dreaded puberty years, a beautiful movie of love and acceptance came out and truthfully, I can't remember where I saw it but I knew that I cried and that it was one of the most heartwarming movies I had ever seen...It was Beauty and The Beast... This year, I have promised myself to attend as many theatrical performances as I can.. Rather than ordering the 2 for $20 meals at Chilis, I would rather save to support the arts. So, my second trip to the theater.. Live on stage... Beauty and the Beast..

 My Thoughts:
                        Enchanting!!! Magical!!! Whimsical!!!! The costumes were absolutely breathtaking and the singing was truly amazing.. however, I thought dialogue between some of the characters didn't flow that well. I was a bit disappointed in the stature of BEAST..He was a little too short and excessively comical which somewhat took away from the intensity of the fear that he showed in the film. To may amazement, there were little girls dressed in princess costumes in the audience and I went to the 8:00pm show.. I paid over $100 for a ticket and was definitely not expecting to be woken up to little giggling princesses...yes I said awoken... I fell asleep.... At least a 17 month old wasn't gnawing at my chest so it was a well deserved nap... All in all, I think the show was catered to a younger audience, where Disney fanatics and those with appreciation for how much work goes into putting on a production of that nature.. Would I go see it again, maybe not, but I am happy, truly happy I did..


Wendy said...

Great job Lisa!! I love your blog...name...colors...content...everything! I, too, made a commitment to enjoy more of the arts this year but I'm struggling to keep up:) I'm glad you're able to! Keep smiling:-)

Brandylis and The Bear said...

Thank you so much Wendy. I just saw your post. I am a little disappointed that there are days I am unable to post but it' s tough juggling the kids and blogging. Thank you so much for the support. Kisses.