Pretty Sex!!

I'd say the title for this post could be considered an oxymoron, but seriously, how else could I describe this luxurious fragrance? The last time I had worn perfume was before the birth of my first son.. I think  Hot Couture was the "it" scent at the time..Well years have passed and I wanted to know what would be my pick for 2011.. My invitiation to the FiFi awards seemed to have gotten lost in the mail,( hehehehe) so I decided to be a good sport and go to the stores to do some sampling..
   HAAAAAAAAA (with my eyes slightly closed)...


"Flowerbomb" by Viktor and Rolf

 It's like beautiful crushed pink petals mixed with a new born baby's breath stirred in liquid gold...It's sensual, sexual, alluring...  ohh and you have to check out Viktor and Rolf's pretty cool website.... This is the perfect Valentine's Day gift..

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Anonymous said...

Morning beautiful. Have to make a stop at Macy's today. Will check it out and give my opinion.