Happy 1st Anniversary...Welcome February..

                                                                One month old..

            "Publix" Stuffed Red Velvet Cupcake

      I can't believe that I was able to stick with this "blogging" thing for an entire month without being broken by the daily chaos of my home life....and you know what...I AM LOVING IT.. I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive, who visit daily, have subscribed, participated in the contests, and given ideas.. I truly appreciate it and your feedback is what will allow me to inform and entertain you better in the future.
 I am so excited about this month that I can barely contain myself.. The first month was what I will consider my "cotton candy" month where I posted all things lovely and fluffy, since I was getting a feel for the blog world. I was experimenting and learning the basics, but more importantly having fun doing something for myself but that is all about to change.
Starting this month, I will be talking about the world of autism, the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly... Women's topics, Fashion, Real Estate, Dining, Goals, Relationships, More Contests, Places, Ordinary People, Events, and many many more..

February will be FUN because with Valentine's Day soon approaching, it will be a very sexy and sensual month of posts, so make sure that you keep the young kids away when you are opening my page..You never know what you may see or read... hehehehe..

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Sally said...

I am looking forward to February with you darling!