Decision for the not so "Techy" mom

This is my office..

Quaint (TOO SMALL !!) ........Functional (I WANT MY PRINTER BACK!!!) .....Conveniently right at my bedside (so much for where the magic begins) SMILING!!! (yeah right)

But take a closer look....

Yup.. this is my laptop...No, it's not the newest design for 2011. My "B" key and "space bar" key are gone courtesy of my three boys. Gosh I need an Ipad. It's the only remedy for this delima.. But wait..the NEW Ipad 2-3G is going to be released in April, 2011. (incase you didn't already know)..This one is reported to have 2 cameras, one rear facing and other forward facing. Also retina display like the iphone 4g. There is also talk about voice video chat.. However, there are now conflicting reports that the phone is unlikely to have the camera feature. So what's a girl to do or decide? Should I wait for the new release of just get the existing Ipad on the market? Look, I wipe tiny butts for a living (darn good at it I might add) so all that technical jargon is very confusing to me. ...Gosh Apple, oh so mysterious..Just tell us already!!!

So, in the meantime, I wonder if I should go on strike for paying bills and doing work because my computer's keys are broken...  What should the repercussions be?
Little stinkers!!!!!

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Diane said...

A lady of your kilitiki! Awa, you need and Ipad! I wonder how you will be able to keep it away from the boys though, mine are very swift. Good luck!