HAPPY NEW YAERRRR!!!....Opppppss!!!!!...I MEAN YEAR!!!!!!

                                        MWE TEE REE REE !!!!!

  SURPRISEEEEE!!!! I am soooo EXCITED... If you are reading this blog on January 1st, 2011, you were either redirected here from Facebook which means that you have made "The News Years Day" cut.... AND... it also means that I MAY have a tiny Surprise for you hehehehehe (cheeky laugh).... It means that you are about to enter my world (if you dare to) that as many of you know is always a WILD RIDE.... You never know what my daily topics will be about... You never know what I will reveal and share...whether you will cry, laugh, puke or learn something new.... I want this to be one of the most interactive blogs out there and I hope that you will challenge me and my thoughts.. You will get to take a peek into my most inner thoughts feelings on any given day.. Very few things will be off limits hence the WARNING before entering the blog... I will always be raw and honest so always be mentally prepared before you enter as you never know what you will read or see... Make certain to subscribe to my blog to receive updates on when I have posted something new... We will be talking about FOOD, SEX, TOLERANCE, RELIGION, AUTISM, MOTHERHOOD, MARRIAGE, RELATIONSHIPS, FASHION, HUMOR, DECORATING, HEALTH, TRAVEL, CELEBRITIES, CULTURES, REAL ESTATE, SPIRITUALITY, CONFESSIONS, GOVERNMENT, GAMES to PLAY,  PRIZES to be WON, we will LEARN and NEW LANGUAGE together and many, many more...I will be featuring EVERYDAY PEOPLE and LOCAL PLACES... From the MUNDANE to the EXTRAORDINARY.. Soooo Are you ready? Ok, so let's do it.. My name is Lisa Reid and WELCOME !!!!


P.E.A.C.E said...

Love the concept! Look forward to sharing this new journey with you! It will be great! I'm already inspired! Please rem to translate the creole for your noncreole readers! lol

brandylisandthebear said...

Thanks so much LOVO.... Our lovely second language will get it's own piece soon and I totally agree that I should translate... I have intentions on teaching a couple words every week... Fun time!!!!

Diane said...

I am so happy that you have decided to blog, I have been wanting to for my son Tye. I love your background it is all you. I will be looking forward to your entries. Girl you have just given me motivation to get mine started. I probably have around 20 blogs that I follow(every morning)lol!!!!

Terry said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Cant wait for the relationship topic (wink, wink) I want to fall in love for 2011, 3 years single is to long...help me Lis!

Rebecca said...

Hi Lisa! I read your January 1st blog post, as you suggested, and here I am commenting on the ACTUAL blog!! Aren't you pleased?

You have a gorgeous blog! Like you, I love to savor and enjoy all the beauty this world has to offer...and I love that a beautiful mother like yourself is keeping it real....the good, the bad, the ugly of parenting. I also love that your blog is NOT just about being a parent. It's about being a whole person. I am honored to get a glimpse into your world of fabulosity (do you like that word I just make up?).

It was LOVELY getting to spend time with you last night!