What was your color theme this year with your Holiday Decorating? Was it the traditional Reds for Christmas or Blues for Hanukkah? Well this year I wanted a non traditional COLOR!!!! Now, it is no secret that I always wanted a little girl, ( have you seen those cute too-toos out now) but God has blessed me with four ..umm I mean three beautiful young men who can't get enough of me and I adore immensely...However, I still yearn for the vision of pink somewhere in my house...Sooo... This year I told Trevor (my husband) that the decorations will be a surprise. Zgallerie, Home Goods, Michaels, Kohl's, Old Time Pottery... here I come!!!
       The beauty about having a neutral original palate in your house is that you could accessorize with different colors depending on the season or your mood...I LOVE THAT!!!.... when I was a little girl growing up in St. Lucia, I couldn't WAIT for the Christmas season for my mom to pull out the big dusty box with camphor ball scented Christmas drapes, table cloths and crocheted chair backs (sah tay kah sutee!! fooooo..HAHAHA).. It would just put you in a cheerful mood that made you want to skip-to-da-doo... So this year, at the Reid's, the theme is the formal area was PURPLE.. with hints of pinks, lilacs, and lavenders which had me tickled, and convinced me that my morning breath smelled like cotton candy...hehehe...my husband may object however.... When my husband returned home the day I decorated...he couldn't peel the smile off his face...  My plan worked!!! He loved the color scheme!!!


natty said...

LISA omg that purple is just stunning!!! my favorite color so I just think its different and just beautiful!!! keep up the good work BYE

brandylisandthebear said...

Thanks Honey!!!...I hope next year you will help me pick another color theme when you spend Christmas with us...Hint Hint!!!! hehehehe

Roma said...

Child u are so talented,, loving the purple..