Just because "I Love You"...Friend..

    Valentine's Day is on my mind a little more than usual this year, but not in the traditional sense. I am thinking  of it more as "Appreciation Day".... Love is such a complex yet powerful word.. Just as the word Friend... Both those words are often misused but when used in the same sentence, it could often be felt deep within. I love giving gifts to "friends". It may not be a particular occasion or expensive but sometimes it's "just because" and it's the thought that counts.. I have grown "in love" with this little item because I think that it may have helped save my life recently.
     Almost two months ago during the crazed holiday shopping season, my bag was stolen from my vehicle. In that bag were very important original documents that at the time I was told could not be duplicated. I was devastated. The fear and anxiety literally sent my into a tidal mental breakdown but things could have been a whole lot worse if my wallet/cards were in that bag. Instead, I have always had the phylosophy of not keeping all cards cards in your wallet in my bag. They should always be separated and that's where my little Coach Madisson Skinny Mini comes into play. 

 It attaches to your key chain and in there I believe you should have whatever cards you need to use that day, your driver's license and space left for receipts. I bought it because I have always been fearful of getting distracted if I was ever out with the kids and leaving my bag somewhere. Instead, if I drop my keys, the furthest I could get to is my car and then realize that I can't enter without my keys. That's what makes the "Coach Madison Mini Skinny" my top pick for the BEST FRIEND/S in your life for Valentine's Day (Appreciation Day)... Ohhh and it's under $50!!!!

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