Just because "I Love You"... MAMA!!!!

   In my opinion, there is no better gift from a child than something handmade.. I have certainly gotten my share over the years that have made me weep profusely, mainly because I could only imagine how much it took from my two precious boys to sit for a period of time, partaking in something that was of no interest to them. However, if a craft session is not in the horizon this year, this is the book I recommend for New Moms. Hopefully dads and grandparents will take that task under their wings.

                                            I Love You: A Keepsake Storybook Collection

I am in love with this book!!

"Logi Bear" was 4 months old when I purchased this book and would look at me in amazement when I readit to him. Here are the first couple pages inside....

........and I LOVE YOU!!!
too cute :-)


Stacy said...

I kinda want to know the rest of the story though!

Brandylis and The Bear said...

hehehe...You will have to buy it Stace..You are too funny..Ohhh if you click on the title of the book above the first picture, you will be able to see a couple more pages.. Kisses my darling and thanks for the support.. muah!!

Jasmine said...

I love this book. GREAT read to the kids.

Anonymous said...

Just bought this book for Danny Boom for Valentines Day. Now for Daddy's gift....???