Miss CELIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  So yesterday, in true St. Lucian creole talk, "MWE PAYTAY CHEW MWE" (I burst my ass).... There is no way to euphamize this one because it was a "HEEE SALOP" fall....  I tripped over Logan's little basket all hoop and fell flat on my tummy, breast, and chin... It happened so quickly, I didn't even have a chance to catch or break the fall with my hand... All 1%6 lbs of fat and flesh PLATTAH, BEEDEEP on the floor.. Ok so I cried..alot...Worst part, I was alone with all three boys because Trevor had just left for the gym about 15 minutes prior. Luckily Dylan was able to bring me the phone (yeah Dylan!!) but as I laid on the floor crying, Mr. Logan came running to me and started laughing. He proceeded to mount my back to play "giddie-up-horsey" while nieghing and laughing...Like seriously???!!!! Talk about beating a dead horse...(no pun intended). Trevor was home in no time and of course I went to lay down for the entire day....
                   WAITTTTTTTTTTTT    NOOOOOOOOO??????!!!!!!!
Which brings me to this........

                                    DID SOMEONE SAY The Color Purple ?

For one day only, 2 performances, the broadway performance of "The Color Purple" was coming to The Straz Center in Tampa, and I couldn't miss it...This would be my FIRST EVER broadway show (pitiful, I know) and I had to be there...I have no excuses anymore because the kids are getting older and it would be bed time anyway.. but my body hurt so bad... I felt like I was involved in a car accident and darn it I wanted to wear those black pumps. It took me about 20 minutes to contemplate whether I should attend especially after my friend Ella said to me "girl rub the s$%t and go" (referring to my bruised knee and foot)..she had seen it three times... Do you think I ended up leaving the house?

Don't I look like I just got collagen injected into my lips...Shame...hehehe

 My eyes were heavy from crying......

 My inner left foot was so "gweeghee"..... (badly bruised)


 Screen during intermission and at the end of show

                         YEAHHHH!!!!!!    BRAVO!!!!!!!


Those three church going, gossiping ladies were HILARIOUS!!!!

                                                     (Squeak and Nettie)


Miss Sofia Stole the show!!!   (Sofia and Harpo)

                            (Albert and Shug Avery)  
 ...and there she is....                               (CELIE!!!!!!)

                               People cried and embraced!!!!

My thoughts....

I have lived in this country for over 14 years and I have NEVER felt so PROUD to be in a venue where black people were showcased in such a positive light... First of all, I felt underdressed. Everyone was impeccably dressed with suits and gowns and dresses. I thought someone was getting married... The pride that was taken in their appearances was such a "chest raiser" This experience was beyond just the play...I think it felt like how many blacks in this country felt when President Obama was elected, whether Republican or Democrat.. It was like everyone was saying  "THIS is what WE can do"....... This show was riverting, touching, upliftiing, SEXY, at times salacious (go on Miss Sofia) hehehe...I even understood the movie more after attending the play... the talent was beyond words... Ohhh Lawdy!!!!! Some women forgot they were at a show when those men who worked Albert's land came out in their 1920's overalls... with no inner shirts......pause.......HAHAHA.. I was a perfect lady (sneeky grin).... All is all, I am just really sad that I didn't attend the matinee show first because i think I would have either encouraged Trevor to go or I would have attended the 8:00pm one also..... Thank You God!!!!!
 Oh yes!!!!! I found a "Cettu" handbag just for the occasion... (I will be eating dry bread and water all week)


natty said...

FINALLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I'm watching this post and smiling from ear to ear.... I'm so happy that you got to go and experience such a wonderful play and you looked absolutely stunningggggggggg!!!!

Diane said...

Oh Lisa! I was so happy that you were able to go! And purple is the real colour!!!

brandylisandthebear said...

Thanks so much guys...This was truly unforgettable..