Mickey,..... I'm Coming Honey!!!!!!!!!!!!


                          OMGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am watching "The View" and just saw the segment of Whoopie's Walt Disney "DREAM" Cruise ship experience...I am speechless, itching, sweating under every crease of my body....

                                                                    This is it!!!!!

I have been getting anxiety attacks anticipating the dreaded Summer vacation with the boys..When you have autistic children, VERY DIFFERENT on the spectrum, it is very hard to know where to go, what to do to satisfy each child's needs. Fortunately, Disney has always been the common denominator. No matter how wet, hot, cold the weather is is,they are always game, but this Summer I wanted to do something different..This looks like it..            


HAHAHA...Go on Sherry!!!!!... Dancing "La Vida Loca"

Incase you missed it, you can catch the full episode of  The View when it becomes available.

Gotta run!!!...Off to make another penny deposit in my savings rusty tin.. hehehehe

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