Sessions with Dr. Lisa....Chapter1....Uhhhh ok!!!

LADIES, in case you have tried Counselling..... spoken to Fr. Joseph, Pastor Wilson and Rabbi Weiner (combined)..... Have called in late for work because you have been to the adult store in your work uniform with your name tag....... You have blended sea moss and oysters in his protein shake.....You have been stalking the thrift store incase Kim Kardashian brings in those 10 inch heel red pumps... I think I have diagnosed his problem..

Shhhhhh!!!!!  He told me that Name Brands turn him on (hey, you didn't ask for my degree certificate) so this is my suggestion..

Roberto Cavalli
Click here for larger view...

Hey, if that doesn't work, I am also a divorce attorney...Good luck on Valentines Day!!!

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The Green Card Life said...

I have a Bic for that, I just write the brand name on a fruit of the loom, he wont know it's a fake since the tags don't show.