Am I in the bloody twighlight zone? 12:01 am and this is the first time I have been able to get a soon to be 18 month old off my chest for the night (Don't even start), and a husband.... (ok I won't go there).  If this past weekend is an indication of what the week will be like, well here is what I want on my tombstone "Shhhhh.. Do not disturb"...

                                               Old Hickory Tannery Cane Balloon Chair
                                           Old Hickory Tannery Cane Balloon Chair

Since everything can be custom fit, made or redesigned nowadays,  I want two of these chairs fused together by hinges, face to face so I could get in and sit "criss cross apple sauce" with my computer and coffee. A little Hannibal Lecteresque Chic don't you think?

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