This is how the evening began...

"Babes did you get the shoes?"

"Not too close now. I was breaking out in hives last night."

"Is that how they pose on the Red Carpet?"

          I had been waiting to see this Broadway performance since December and it was finally here. Trevor got a couple photos of me just before I left and then realized that there was room left for only 4 photos.. He quickly ran to get his extra card an off I went... I attended the 2:00pm matinee show just in case the kids had decided to tear the house down before the 8:00pm show and I couldn't attend. Fortunately this allowed me to get the best seats.... Orchestra..... like seriously, I was right behind the conductress.. I was so close that I could see the stitching on the costumes and the spit from the miners' mouths.. So on entering I proceeded to my seat, which was right next to a really stuffy couple. To my left was an empty seat and to that left was this young man (Joel) who immediately asked me whether I was here with someone. Answering no, he immediately asked me to sit next to him and told me that he was apologizing in advance because he will be in tears as his niece was performing.. Oh boy!!!!! Just my kinda guy!!!!. I love seeing enthusiastic parents and family members.. All of a sudden I saw this little pint sized miniature cutey patootie appear from no where with his boom box and lollipop and climbed the side stairs to the stage.. Lights go dim...
....about 1 1/2 hours later, after a few tears, lots of laughter and astounding rounds of applause and standing ovations from the entire theater it was intermission and  Joel and I stood up to exit our seats. Before I could even begin walking out, this woman extended her entire body towards Joel and said something that was inaudible to me but most definitely unpleasant to him based upon the look on his face. I stood up and said.. WHAT DID SHE SAY? ( while squeezing ourselves between the seats to exit).. I was getting hot, my armpits began sweating and I instinctively put my arm around his waist leading us out.. Then he said to me that she had mentioned his applauding was very annoying... WHAT!!!!!?????? (ok Lisa, remember your dress is short and you took over 30 mins to get your hair to stay slicked back).... Solidarity?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Isn't that among other things what the play was about?
             Vent time... Incase you don't know by now, I went to see Billy Elliot and incase you haven't seen it, besides it being a must see, I will just tell you that the youngest person in the cast is about 7 years old.. This is a 3 hour production... Have older people forgotten what it is to be a proud parent? The sacrifice? The dedication? Anyhow, we exit and I get to meet the mother of Joel's niece, Dana Marlowe.. So it's now time for group shot, I pull out my camera, powered it on and it said "CARD NEEDS FORMATING"... what the Hell!!!.. The camera caput!!!!... Nothing at all was happening; the card wasn't formatting.. I had so many questions to ask.. I had so many photos to take .. I was so close to the stage. NOOOOO!!!!

Time for plan B (Phone)

                                                                       Joel and I

                                                               Rebecca Marlowe

                                                                    Miners in too toos

The star of the show..                        Billy Elliot ( Lex Ishimoto)

                                                                 Ladies awaiting valet

What a magnificent show.. I am dying to talk about my experience in detail, but I want you all to see this. Joel had to leave during intermission to start his journey back to Miami. Dana Marlowe ( Rebecca Marlowe's mom)  then came to sit beside me for the duration of the show.. The photos above were taken at the end as photography is not permitted during the performance.. Just before the final curtain came down and the entire cast came forward for the final wave, all the tiny ballerinas scoped the crowd and when they saw Mrs. Marlowe, they all became estatic waving and jumping.. They were so happy to see her as if she were all of their moms.. It brought tears to my eyes.. TAKE THAT GRANNY GROUCH!!!

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