Le Chocolat (PART 1)


      About a month ago, I attended the Chocolate Festival at Mosi in Tampa and let me just say that even my toe nails were tingling. I wanted to save the post for this pre Valentine's Day week to put some of us grumpy folks in the mood.. The aroma was simply devine, and the talent showcased looked like an episode of Food Network Challenge.  There were several booths of different chocolatiers displaying their creations and the best part was you were able purchase the delectable treats... HOGGGGG'SSSSS HEAVENNNNN!!!!!!

On entering, a brief history and facts about chocolate were on display..

Now comes the truly interesting facts, many I didn't know...

Ka-Ka-Wa?!?!?... Who would have thought?!..Hehehehe

Now for some treats...Sure you can handle it?

                                                                 NOTTER SCHOOL

Are you dying yet? .....(evil smile) hehehehe

                                                                       CAKES PLUS

To be continued  on Friday

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Anonymous said...

Lisa!! This is criminal!!! Those cakes look devine but hell on the hips :-)