Cute as a Button!!!

                         Zygomaticus Major..... Disambiguation.......

I think I prefer DIMPLES....Whatever you choose to call them, you must admit that there is something about someone who has dimples that makes you go "awwwww" and gives you the urge to pinch their cheeks and cuddle with them... even when they are naughty.:-) But did you know that Dimples play a role in sexual selection, and in some cultures such as Asia, they view dimples as a sign of veracity. Helereeee!!!! I wonder how naughty are those beautiful dimpled faces below?

                                                                          Cheryl Cole (cute)

Mario Lopez ( My, My My)

 "St. Lucian beauty'
                                                                 Malaika Pres (gorgeous)

                                                                      Gabrielle Union (adorable)

                                                                        "St. Lucian Beauty"
                                                           Erica Barthelmy (my cutey firecracker)

Here she is again in Miss Red Wine Photogenic

They are all "Cute as a Button"... Now I also have dimples but mine are called "Cellulite" and they are NOT cute.. hehehehe

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Erica Barthelmy said...

LOL... I have extra dimples too Lisa.. cellulite :)