"Miss Red Wine Photogenic Contest" 2011..

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Welcome to the first

"Miss Red Wine Photogenic Contest 2011        

Before I introduce my lovely ladies, I just want to personally thank them for responding to my request from the hundreds of invitations sent out. The contest was announced very last minute and although some were a little hesitant, they still came through and for that I am truly indebted. This truly means a  lot to me on this day.
So without futher ado, meet our contestants. ( In no particular order)



My name is Michelle Pinder and I am 35 years old. Proud mama of a soon to be 18 year old son and wife of one of the most caring of individuals. I enjoy reading and really just spending time with my two guys.



My name is Sannyu and I am 39...40 is knocking on my door! :)  I am married to a wonderful man who keeps me young (lol) and I have 2 beautiful girls.  I am a Human Resource and Training Consultant.  I enjoy reading, spending time with family and friends, going to the beach and of course, a good fete!! 



My name is Lisa Dublin. I'm the Assistant Manager at Shine TV, St. Lucia's newest TV station. I'm 35 going on 36 and am determined to age like fine wine...the older I get....the better I want to look, feel, think, love and live. I'm married with two little boys.


I am a mother of two. Very spiritual, 5# years young and I am loving and living life to the fullest!!!!



I'm your average young lady or so I think!

I Live and work in NYC....I love fashion,music dancing -- and anyone or thing that thinks or lives outside the box! I love my wit! I'm very flirtatious and don't like being contained! Contained in work,live and love. I love being single and being on my own. I think it is more I hate people expecting things of me.
I'm currently working as a freelance accountant which is something I never thought I would do. I work preliminary in the fashion/production industry. I love the out doors. I love Art, and working out!

My pet peeves.... spitting, cracking gum! people who don't clean their dog poop on the ground.

I LOVE SHOES!!!!! I love shopping... Oh God I love shopping... I'm single and unless necessary I don't want to be married! As I don't think its necessary.


Such beautiful ladies.. Very tough decision. Please vote!!!.. Deadline is Tuesday, 12:00 AM Eastern (1:00 AM in St. Lucia).. Everyone is able to vote for more than one person.. The results will be revealed on Tuesday.. Have Fun!!




Diane said...

I missed it!!! Not gonna happen again!!!

Stacy said...

I loved the competition idea. I find the competition shoulda be for 30 and over eh. SMT. I wanted to send my picture anyways just to be "ahnahfeh" woyyyy. Who win?

Brandylis and The Bear said...

Thanks Stace!! Well darling early 30's are still youngings.. hehe. You know I always come up with different contests.. Did you vote?.. hehehe..

Ethel said...

Congratulations Sannyu!!!!

Stacy said...

Well, I can't want to be able to take part in the next contest. I love these games. I did vote by the way. I do everything you tell me to Lis!