I Smell Fresh Paint....

                                                                       It's Sunday!!!. 

Happy Sunday everyone.  At approx. midnight, by all good graces my mom should be walking through my front door. This will be her second trip in less than two months and even though the circumstances for her visits are grim, we will still make the best of it and try to enjoy the simplicities in our complex lives together.
 As we head into Spring, just as new life emerges from the soil, I am finding some of the things that I have wanted to achieve are also beginning to sprout. That is what cleansing and purging allows you to do. Clear your mind/space to make room for less yet more meaningful things and opportunities. I have put a fresh coat of neutral paint on my canvas called my life and I am ready to decorate minimally with quality.

Blank Slate... Fresh Paint

Photo courtesy of  Restoration Hardware..

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