Too cute to Eat....

For the past month Trevor has been making my daily Starbucks runs after dropping the kids off to school, so it was only yesterday when I went out to run a couple errands did I get my much needed caffeine fix..... and there they were....... Cake Pops!!!!

                                                                  "Birthday Cake Pop"

"Tiramisu Cake Pop"

"Rocky Road Cake Pop"

 How cuteeeee!!!........At $1.50 each or two for $2.50, and at approx. 170 calories each those little bite size devils are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth craving without feeling too guilty.... Um...Well... unless you actually eat maybe 4 at a time... (not that I did that).....hehehehe..... Wait, what did you say? You want me to try all at the same time to compare? Welllllll..... if you insistttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohhhh and look at this Red Velvet Whoopie Pie


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