Sex, Slaves and a Sick S.O.B ?

Have you seen the American Apparel campaign ads? It is so provocative that I won't post the photos on my blog, but will direct you to them. Note that they are not suitable for children and may be offensive to some. 
The reason this has captured my attention is because a former employee of the company, Irene Morales......

...... just sued the Founder and CEO of American Apparel, Dov Charney.....

......for $250 million dollars for alleged sexual harassment. She claims that she was hired at 17 and he demanded her to visit his Manhatten apartment just after her 18th birthday. She arrived only to  find him in his underwear, where he forced her to perform oral sex and other sexual acts over a period of time and held her hostage in his apartment.. (Oh boy)...
You know the "You're innocent until proven guilty" saying but is it fair to judge him based on some of the photos that have been chosen for his campaign? Could it possible hurt his case?..
What do you think? Click here to view those photos.

Ewww... Gagging here.

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