..and the winner is!!!!...."A Beautiful Mind"

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!. I am dying of laughter at the number of hits I received for this contest compared to the number of people who answered... Was it that hard? Come on guys!!!!
Anyhow, now to the answer and the results...

After viewing Oprah's Friday episode with Chris Rock, he mentioned something that stunned me... I have always thought of this guy as a genius at his craft.. Despite his potty mouth, he is quick, witty and extremely intelligent with his content.. He makes you think of things outside the box and of course it helps that he makes the funniest faces... This made me want to know how many more famous, brilliant people accomplished the same thing, so I did some research and was surprised... What was it?

                        They all received their GED!!!!!

....although I mentioned that the contest would be voided if less than 50 people participated? I thought that I would give the prize to the ONE AND ONLY person who was brave enough to answer... hahahahaha

and the winner is!!!



Thank you participating Stace!!! HAhahaha... Hope to see photos of you in your LOVELY makeup....


Stacy said...

I'm winning... Ha. Charlie Sheen,you have nothing on me. I will put the make up on and take a picture with that, my candles, my soap.... toot bagay when I get them. Thanks Lis, I love games! I was shocked to learn their stories myself. I did a good bit of googling on this topic after the competition. I love the fact you open my eyes to knew things!!!

Brandylis and The Bear said...

Thank you so much for your support sweetheart... I am so thrilled that you took the time to do the research.. I was particularly stunned to see that Peter Jennings was on the list.. I love those stories of success..