Just One Piece of Candy... Pleaseeeeeee....

My lips are smacking!!

Furla Candy Bags

You know that tightening of your jaw, followed by increase salivation that occurs when you smell something sweet or tangy? That was my initial reaction when I saw those yummy looking bags. Reminded me of my first trip to Dylan's Candy Bar in Orlando several years ago. 

These are the NEW FURLA CANDY BAG Spring/Summer 2011...  

....I want the one above...... 

The are sold for $195 and since the nearest Furla store is in Oralndo, I will see whether Dillards has it in stock.

Here are a few reasons why I NEED to buy this bag

1. I will keep the content to a minimum
2. When juice cups spill, I won't cry like most of my other Coach bags whose liners became so soiled that     
    they had to be retired.
3. I will go through the Busch Gardens and Walt Disney World "bag check line" expeditiously!!!! ( I love that   
4. I will pack the kids' change of clothes, diapers, my personal products in a tiny bag before putting into this  
5. I will look for a trash can and not throw Starbuck's little pastry paper bags and their straw wrappers in my   
6. The rain can come all day!!!!

For Americans, it's like wearing Crocs sandals on your arm.
For St. Lucians, it's like wearing "Jarry" on your shoulder..


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