What the "FUNK" are you "ROCKING"

   The year was 1999... I was making minimum wage which was $5.15/hour teaching at a pre school and ironically made twice as much babysitting....( can anyone even eat making $5.15/hour now?) Anyhow, I was very content when I got my pay check because the first place I always went was The Gap. I was very much into all things "Grunge" and lived for Miami's 94.9 Zeta because CD's were so expensive back then.  I would feast on cold left over Papa John's Pizza and water all week in order to purchase my rare staples of car bumper stickers (Stool, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana) and of course if a must have piece of clothing was over $40,  but behold the SALE RACK!!...and there it was...

What looked like the beat up version of that Michael Jackson red Thriller leather jacket I wanted when I was about ten years old but my mom said to me in creole tongue "Ti Mamai ki kotay ou kweh ou sah allez ek bagai chad sah la un St. Lucie....chewps...just sorti la tun" (Child where do you think you could go with that hot thing in St. Lucia? kisses her teeth... just move from there!!)
 I was going to get that jacket!!!.....

 I looked at the price tag... $179 down from $199!!!!   I guess I will be scrubbing some bath tubs for a while huh..
It finally went down to $99 and became mine... Forward years later when my husand and I were moving into our first home, he thought it was the ugliest jacket ever and wanted me to get rid of it.... "Man are you crazy?" Well, it's now many years later and I STILL love my jacket ... MY SEXY RED GRUNGY LEATHER JACKET..

Do you have a story behind a vintage piece of clothing? It has to be something that You Owned for a long time and you can't seem to get rid of... not a vintage piece that you recently purchased.. I would like to share your story and photo on a future blog...Email me at brandylis11@gmail.com with your story and photo of you piece. Cheers!!

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