Center Stage

         Oh dear I hope I don't stand alone in this one, but as a little girl my mom would often use brooches to replace safety pins for my handmade (by her) dresses if they were not completed in time for Midnight Mass. I remember being horrified because I always associated brooches with  Jean Nate mixed with Vicks scented 50 year old church ladies..(Yes, when you are a 5 year old, 50 is old!!).. Little did I know that  I would now in my mid 30's be mystified with their craftsmanship and also appreciate how much of a center stage role they play in many a simple outfits.

                                                                       Spring 2011
Giorgio Armani




Oscar de la Renta

Erickson Beamon

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Stacy said...


I felt the same way about brooches when I was younger. Well, I have a string of pearls that are about 60 inches long, and I wear them in all sorts of ways. I have started buying brooches as an accessory to my pearls to keep them in place, by using the brooch as a clip! The things that we learn as we "grow up"