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Breathe Lisa..... BREATHEEEE

Ok so a few months ago I was browsing through Facebook and saw that a friend of mine, who not very often posts pictures, apparently remembered that she owned a camera and used it from time to time (hehehe she will kill me)... She posted photos from event upon event that she attended during the Holiday season and even before.. I spent all my spare time ( whatever that is) just clicking and clicking through, every photo looked better than the one before.. I was just in awe at how BEAUTIFUL St. Lucian women are, but what struck me, was MOST, if not ALL were over 35!! It was simply incredible to see.. No plastic surgery, just good music, great food but far more importantly, in my opinion, a great circle of true friendships, something that I am on my journey to claim and is understanding what it should be rather than what it is.
        So the poll for "What Topic Would Most Interest You" is now closed and it was a very close call between Fashion and Women's Issues but it looks like I will be talking about breasts  a whole lot more on here in the near future ( I can't wait.. hehehehe) The results of the poll together with my friend's photos made my juices flow and I have decided to have.... Drum Roll
                                                        Brandylis and The Bear
                            "Miss Red Wine Photogenic Contest"

As of now, this contest will be held every year for Valentine's Day and it is for women 35 - 55 years..
Sorry youngings!!!! I am turning 35 this year and for many years medicine and society have branded it the  dreaded number.. Your eggs are too old, your modelling career is over, you can't wear certain styles anymore or comb your hair certain ways, you're too old for this job.. It's always what you can't do but what many of us haven't realized is that these are the years of reckoning. Our parents raise us until we turn 18 and from then until 35 we make all the mistakes. From 35 to 40 we begin to shed the burdens of our childhood and young adulthood and by 40 we fit in to our skin and our place in this life with confidence.. So far this has been the course of my life. So after this longgggg introduction...screeeeccchhhh ( Lawddddd I am laughing so hard here because Trevor was away all week from last Sunday to be exact, he returned last night at around 5:00pm and now he is crapping his pants with the kids downstairs. Logan is making him sweat, I haven't stopped hearing Brandon's name and Dylan, well Dylan is still asking for food... WAhhhhy bordie... Ou kweh ee tay ayzay.. Welcome to the jungle baby.. vacation (your lecture/class) is over).... Ah-Hem.. Further in the News.. Where was I? Ohhh yessss ( fixing my top)..

Welcome to the First Annual Brandylis and the Bear
                                 "Miss Red Wine Photogenic Contest"..

1. Must be a Woman..
2. Must be ages 35 to 55!!
3. Must be willing to have your real age posted.
4. Must give a brief description of oneself eg. kids, likes, peeves, hobbies, occupation, status etc. anything
5. Must be from St. Lucia!!!!!!

Please submit your BEST photo, preferably a head shot to brandylis11@gmail.com with the title "Contest Photo" with your brief description and age.. Deadline for submission will be Sunday February 13th  at 8:00pm Eastern ((9:00 pm St Lucia).. There will be a random drawing of 10 names picked by Logi Bear from a hat (hahaha).. You won't know whether you were chosen until Monday January 14 ( Valentine's Day) when voting will begin... The deadline for voting is 11:59 pm (Eastern) 12:59 (St. Lucia time..hehehe) and the Winner will be revealed on Tuesday... Each person is permitted ONE vote so finalist, please spread the word to your friends to vote for you... Now what will the prize be?

A Vieta handbag valued at US $100 !!!!...  
Jewelry from Forever 21  (may you stay forever 21)
and a couple little surprises in the handbag!!!!

WAHHHHYYYYYY I feel like OPRAH!!!! Bordieeeee... I excited.. I love giving things away... So hurry sort through your photos and start spreading this link to your friends to vote for you... This will be soooo muchhh funnnnn!!!!

                                     HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...and remember we're like red wine.. getting better with age!!!!!

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