Did you know?......Starbucks lovers!!

So check this out.. One Venti Iced coffee at Starbucks costs $3.16 plus tax.. One bought each 5 day work week = $15.80 per week plus tax..... IN A YEAR (52 weeks)..... $822.64!!!!! (Oh LORD)


When you buy a Starbucks 20oz Clear Acrylic Travel Tumbler (Venti To-Go Cup) and bring it to any leading TARGET that has a Starbucks Coffee Shop, you pay a tiny price of
$.56 for an Iced Coffee!!!!
YESSSS  $.56 for a VENTI!!!!

Starbucks 20oz Clear Acrylic Travel Tumbler (Venti To-Go Cup)

They have discontinued selling the cup at Starbucks but thanks Amazon the Starbucks 20oz Clear Acrylic Travel Tumbler (Venti To-Go Cup) is available for purchase. They also come with a candy cane straw which is the one I have. Cute!!
                                                                 Starbucks 2010 Candy Cane Tumbler Venti 24 oz
So back to calculations
$.56 x 5 = $2.80
$2.80x 52 = $145.60

                                      $145.60!!!!!....(plus tax)

A whopping savings of ..drum roll......


                Ohhh  Emm Gee!!!

*That's wood floors laid  in a small room
*That root canal
* One year pass to Disney with a hotel stay one night
* Hire a babysitter
*Put it in savings
*Buy 677 lottery tickets
*Feed 670 people a $1salad from Mc. Donalds...

The only disadvantage is not being able to go to the "Drive Through"
Please visit Target and call to find out whether they are offering that special near you.


Diane said...

"Ohhh Emm Gee" That is very funny! Mwen hope yo paye pou advertise!!!!!

Brandylis and The Bear said...

Yo paka bu mwe deaux sou!!!! hahahaha