Open confession is good for the Soul..Chapter 1.. "Not another VD"


          I have been blogging about Valentine's Day since last month with gift suggestions, fashion etc. BUT just like the Holiday Season, Valentine's Day could sometimes be one of the worst times of the year for many. Some people have lost loved ones on that day, some people have been dumped on that day, some have found their spouses or significant other in bed with others on that day.. and some have just never ever found love and that day may have no significant meaning to them.
          Have you ever looked around at friends, celebrities, school mates and wondered who would have ever thought that they would be single or have no kids at this stage in their life? I know I do especially if they are beautiful, were popular, dated the the most popular guys and just seemed like everything was perfect in their world. Whenever  I think of celebrities, two names come to mind.. Halle Berry and  Jennifer Aniston... One has been named the most beautiful woman in the world and the other America's sweetheart, but cupid has delayed in bringing them the right people or perhaps hasn't brought "them to themselves"..What does that mean? I know for a fact that you have to be at a certain place in your life where you are centered in order to attract the person that God has truly meant for you.. We sometimes work so hard trying to find someone. Go to the bars, the clubs, we leave the house on the prowl, but we never put that amount of effort in finding the one person that will produce the most love and it is our self. Love from a partner shouldn't "complete" us but should just enhance our already fruitful life.. So ladies, if this Valentine's Day you are single? It's OK.. See it as a gift of opportunity that God has given you to find out something new about your ever loving, every growing, ever learning, ever changing self.. Tell your heart to be still for a minute, and not that you don't want to put effort into finding love but allow the work to to be stirred through your energy and not your action.. Love will eventually find you...Trust me, I am talking from experience. Ohh  and good luck Halle and Jennifer.. :-)


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