Bloated Already???!!!!!!... I am not READY!!!!!

  So now you're a couple months into your pregnancy...... have you told anyone? Many women wait until the end of their first trimester to tell the world because miscarriages are most likely to occur during the first three months of gestation. Everyone is a little leery, including your doctors  (but they just don't tell you) if you are within a certain age bracket, you have a history of substance abuse, if you have pre existing blood or hormonal disorders, etc. I have had 2 miscarriages and it is one the most emotional periods of your life especially if you have been trying to get pregnant for a while. There is this hidden epidemic of women who are  trying to conceive but result in failure and disappointment and are grieving in silence. they blame themselves, that perhaps they are doing something wrong. It's either they have suffered many miscarriages or they have been unsuccessful conceiving. Society and we put so much pressure on ourselves to become pregnant by a certain time or a certain age and one of my many resolves for this year is to stop asking/telling women to hurry the baby making process as I do not know what their reasons are why they are not with child, so be thoughtful when bringing up the subject...
                                                            Ok, now for the fun stuff...

Have you seen the show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant.. This is MIND BLOWING to me because I started showing when I was 3 1/2 months pregnant... and this was with my first child!!!!!.... CRAZY!!!.. I was already sleeping on my side!!!!!!

April 2002

...if you are like me, bursting at the seams before your baby's bones are even formed, you need to start looking for maternity clothes. In 2002 was around the first time people were embracing their pregnant tummies and showing them off.... and oh how I welcomed that (last time I could). I was not going to be caught dead in a moo moo dress..
The days for frumpy maternity clothes need to remain in the Leave it To Beaver era. Now maternity fashion is sassy and pretty. Here are a couple just in time for Spring..

Diane von Furstenberg New Julian Wrap Dress

Because maternity clothes are very expensive, I recommend purchasing transitional pieces (like these above) that could be worn from the moment you find out you are pregnant, until you give birth and even after pregnancy. Leggings, Lycra, Polyester, Drawstrings, Wrap Dresses and Spandex....always a must..

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