What the?....Where is my?......

It's Friday!! ... and did you really think that Baby week would only be 3 days? come on... I haven't even spoken about the froo froo fun stuff like nursery decor and baby clothes so next week, Baby Week will continue.... yippie... ...

...Get your double sided magnifying mirror ready some things go missing (cheeky grin) and some thing show up. Beware... How far along are you?... For me 5 months in, the grim reaper had a field day with my boobs. The mosquito bites I was once teased about turned into grapefruits and areolas got a black eye.. Oh and my tummy always got in the way of the kitchen counters and the STOVE.. My tummy got burned more times than ever while cooking.

The blacks spots on my tummy were tiny burns from leaning over the stove.. I guess if I had kept clothes on that wouldn't have happened...... hehehe

Look how rigid my tummy looks. My little peanut butter was hungry and rolled into a ball.. 

You start growing hair in places that you only saw on men or your Great Aunt Rita.. There comes the linea negra (black line) that runs from between your breasts down to your.....


...... you know what..... As for the ...."you know what".... that's another story. Oh and in my opinion the two that top the worst list are yeast infections and hemorrhoids... Dear father... If you have never had a yeast infection and you don't know what to expect, here is a little info.... actually....I think I will spare you the details because of my usual candor so please read about it here and read even before or if it happens so you will know what to expect and not accuse your spouse of having an STD or convincing your mother in law of changing the laundry detergent 3 times....  The minute you start experiencing poor or no visibility of your "southern exposure", I recommend it's time to start talking to your spouse/partner  about taking a mini vacation together. I really wish that was recommended to me because the minute baby arrives, it will be a very long time before vacation becomes an option. still haven't been on a vacation 9 years later) It is important for your relationship to spend that relaxing time away from the stress and anxiety of preparing for the baby's arrival and  to talk about your plans, your fears, your desires, your joys. Have you had the discussion of how you will co parent? There is sooooo much to discuss before the baby arrives..
1. Co parenting
2. Spouse's paternity leave
4. Help (nanny, family)
5. What your spouse's role in the beginning ( night feedings, diaper changing etc.)

I will talk more about those in a future post but for now, here are a couple recommendations for some of the best places to go on vacation when you're pregnant.

I found the BEST website with a  list of vacation destinations for pregnant women called BABY MOON...
 A couple resorts with features specifically for pregnant women feature on there are

Elemis Exotic Coconut Rub
and Milk Ritual Wrap
50/75 minutes
A traditional Balinese recipe with
Coconut, Mungbean, Spices and
Lavender polishes the skin while the
sensation of warmed Monoi Oil and
Milk Bath being drizzled over your body
is simply divine. The natural ingredients
work to heal while you enjoy a relaxing
scalp massage. This treatment includes
a 25 or 50 minute massage.

Information and photos courtesy of One & Only Ocean Club

For many more pregnancy friendly resorts all over the world, visit http://www.baby-moon.eu/


flim flam sam said...

Great pics. And congrats on ...everything.

Brandylis and The Bear said...

Thanks my dear!