Let the journey begin...

Disclaimer: The content of this post is mainly my personal opinion and actual experiences. You should consult your physician with any question you may have.

Two Blue Lines!!!!!

......now your  world is about to change in more ways than you think, but before you lead your visitors to the sink to wash their hands, you have to take a couple leaps before you head to the finish line.

1. First thing is to find a couple OBGYNs, perhaps two or even 3 and you are more than welcome to have a consultation with them to figure out who you are most comfortable with. The next 10 months of your life will be an emotional roller coaster with hormones coming out of left field, slapping you upside your head... plus.... there will be lots of probing and squeezing and looking and touching in places that have hopefully been forbidden paradises except for you and your mate. Therefore, you want to be veryyyy comfortable with your doctor, asking as many questions as you need to.

6 weeks pregnant with Dylan, almost 9 years ago

2. To help cut the number of questions, one of the best books I read, although sometimes very scary, with it's candid illustrations of the frightening sides of pregnancy was What to Expect When You're Expecting... I kept it at my bedside and what I loved to do was to look ahead at the upcoming month to make me feel like I was ahead of what was to come. Loved that book!!

3. Those cigarettes..be gone..if you have been struggling with any vices be it drugs, alcohol, smoking, now is the time to give it up or get help if you haven't been able to quit on your own. 

I was terrified but knew it was what I was put on this earth to be...a mom

Exciting journey....

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