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It's the time of the year where I am already looking for the boys' school attire for Fall semester.. Well actually I have already purchased their shirts and they were delivered on Saturday.. Yippie... So left are pants, socks, shoes and undies. This has to be taken care of before school ends for Summer as it is impossible to do anything but care for the boys. Thankfully, I was so happy to learn that there is a Summer Camp for kids with disabilities where I am considering sending Dylan. Brandon isn't quite emotionally ready yet so he will be home with me and Logan.. As of now, the chains in my head are still moving and hopefully God will help me decide what will be the best decision..                                                                  BUTTTTTTTT
When I think of Summer, I also think of birthdays and with birthdays come birthday parties.... so I am now on the quest to figure out what I will do this year. I have two birthdays that will fall during the Summer, one is right behind and another two that are one day apart... Ouchhh...    I have been surfing and researching and that is when I came across the most delectable little treats EVER and perhaps one of the best talents. I wonder whether she made those treats from my post Too Cute to Eat ? Nevertheless, hope your sweet tooth is flossed and your cutesy machine is powered up... Even Grumpies will smile..

Feast your eyes on the wonderful creations of  Bakerella..

How adorable for a Christmas party


Some of the Disney and Pixar gang...









Bee Cake Pops

Burger Bites

The Sesame Street Gang
Sesame Street Cake Pops

In time for Easter
Bunny Cake Pops

Easter Cake Pops

One of my favorites.. Beautiful job Bakerella!!!
Here Kitty, Kitty!
Photos courtesy of  http://www.bakerella.com/

                                                            Simply Marvelous !!!

.....and you could learn to make those lovely creations and many, many, more because she released her book with step my step tutorials and recipes.. Click her book below to purchase.. You could also visit her website to get updated posts and photos on her newest projects here

...Have fun!!!

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