The Shower without Water....

... I have never had a baby shower... Never ....ever..... It's either no one loved me or perhaps were intimidated by how picky I am when it comes to what I buy for myself, kids or how hard it is to surprise me because I am nosey and always want to know "why"(you could ask my poor husband).. Like Oprah, I hate surprises but love surprising people....So when it came time to shop for my first, I had pages and pages and magazines and magazines of STUFF... I went crazy.. he had to have the best... best stroller, best car seat, best diaper bag.. best clothes... best bottles etc..
But before I get to the list of my favorite baby items of all times. One thing I think I am fairly o.k at is throwing a party.... under my circumstances with my children, I think I do a decent job at decorating and setting up, so I would love to show you some ideas and photos of the most beautiful baby showers ever. Whether you are throwing your own shower of perhaps you are going to throw one for someone, you could gather some inspiration from the proceedings...

GEEEESSSS!!!!!!... I think I have morning sickness after creating this post..... My tummy is fluttery at all those "pweety" shower themes... I need to do this for a living... Hope you enjoyed..:-)

Photos are courtesy Project Nursery
                                  The Tomkat Studio

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