Summer Dreams (Part 2)

....So the Birthday celebration continued, and to continue the trend on focussing on myself, I decided to have, for the first time, a birthday party just for us..
The Family..
I didn't want the stress of overly cleaning..
The anxiety of making sure all the delicacies are presented perfectly...
The fear that people aren't enjoying themselves or if one of the kids poop to be fearful of the embarrassment of the smell..
Brandon having a tantrum because of the presence of too many people or him in isolation from the chaos..
I wanted to Dance Dance Dance... (Why don't people dance at parties here?)
I just wanted to have fun, fun, fun...

This year Father's day fell on my birthday, so it was like Christmas morning.. I had purchased a couple toys and supplies for the kids to keep them preoccupied during the Summer which we also wrapped. My first two sons have always loved the thrill of a birthday party... Dylan always believes he is going to get a "Surprise" as he calls it which are DVD's.. and Brandon is thrilled with confetti, streamers and balloons.... Logan is happy with cake... and Trevor, well he is my biggest kid.. he is just happy that there is a FOODDDDD!!!!! hahahaha.. Poor guy...
.. I didn't want much for my Birthday this year as I had to wait another 2 weeks for my most important Birthday Gift ( Upcoming post).... I wanted it to be whimsical, colorful and just all round Happy... How do you think it ended up.. You be the judge..

Me: "Babes, I just bought this cup today"
Trevor: "You don't have to tell me that... I was so disappointed when you entered with the cup"

                                                                      Daddy's turn!!

                                                Come on Brandy!!! DAnce Baby .. Dance....

Break it Down.. Break it Down Logi Bear!!!

                                                       Me and my MOMMYYYYY!!!!!


....... Poor shoes got so filthy by the end of the day....

                                                                        Hi Baby!!!!

WAIT!!!!.. Whose cake is it?

                                                      Are those my Spanx? Oh well... hehehehe

...and for The Wiggles fans, I memorized and practiced hard all week the moves for Eagle Rock.. That  was soooo much fun.. Poor Dylan was mortified...  hehehe..

                                          My quirky, coo coo, Happy family!!!... We come in a set..
                                                                   Take it all or leave it..

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Rebecca said...

That looks like a wonderful birthday celebration. You are SO right....sometimes birthday celebrations should not be about looking outward at friends, but inward to our core family...the people are really the MOST important to us.

And yes...I agree....why don't people dance at house parties? In the movies, people do it, but I've never seen it in real life. That needs to change.