Summer Dreams Part 3 (Nostalgia.)

... and so our little Summer escapades continue.. "Ma, are you still alive? You have to sleep Ma when the Logan finally falls asleep!.. I am not 17 anymore.. You don't have to wait up.."

So after our little evening rendezvous for my Birthday, we decided that we wanted to make another escape somewhere nearer as my mom got me so nervous after we returned.. You see, we could only leave the house after all three boys have fallen asleep.. There is no way my poor mother could handle them on her own, but apparently Mr. Brandon decided to wake up in the middle of his sleep to search for us. While my mom decided to have her momentary shut eye, he bursts into her room, all the lights blazing throughout the house, pulling her from her bed to come upstairs with him.. Logan is at this point latched onto her like a koala bear... Poor lady is in a panic because she has no idea what Brandon wanted.. This is just after our attempt to go the movies a couple of weeks earlier.. Our first movie getaway together in yearsssss!!!!!.... Here is what happened..

It's a half hour drive to the theater... literally 3 mins before arrival, we are at the last traffic light..

                                                            (Bringgg Bringggg)....
Me: Oh Lord baby it's home.. "Hello"
                     MORRRR"...(Alarms Blazing)... LISAAAAAAAA!!!!!!....... BORDIEEEE.... THE
                     ALARM WENT OFFFFFF....
Me: Ma what happen?
Mom: Brandon woke up, he put every single light on in the house and he went through the laundry 
           room and out the garage!!!!!!!
Me: Lord have mercy!!!!  Ma where is he?
Mom: I don't know? I think he is in the house....
Me: Oh my God!!!! Ma hang up because the alarm company is going to call and the phone will cut..
        Don't answer they will call me because if you answer they will think you are a burglar and send
        the cops!!!!! .............

        Hello.. Ma you're there?,, MAN!!!.... I guess the word "cops" scared the crap out of her..

I turn over to Trevor.. Babes.. we have to go home..
Trevor: Mayyysyayyyyyyyy!!!! ( one of the three creole words my husband knows)...

We get home about 30-40 minutes later after having my husband drive around like a lost chicken trying to decide whether to return, since my mom felt so terrible and tried to convince us to go see the movie.... What are you nuts? How can I enjoy a movie after this fiasco? Do you know how much two movie tickets, one small popcorn, one Sprite, a bottle of water and nachos cost? I could feed an army at Brio for the cost..Anyhow, we finally arrive home only to find my mother laying/lying (still get those two words confused) on the floor at the top of the staircase  with all the lights still blazing, heart racing, eyes wide open. She was using herself as a barricade for Brandon in case he tried to go back downstairs .. Why didn't she go on my bed which was the room just to the left of her? I don't know... So that was our glorious evening that night..

I was feeling a little Nostalgic, so while picking something to wear, I came across the very first pair of shoes my husband bought me on my first date... Yup... He fell in love with my feet before my big mouth back then, and on our first date, I had to pick up a couple items at the mall, so he tagged along with me.. Of course the shoe department is always a must and the perfect test for a man is to see how well he could hold up shopping with a woman.. Trust me.. he passed the test and more.. actually, more I think about it, he may have enjoyed it more than I did. hehehehe..

Our First stop.. Brass Tap in Wesley Chapel..

                                                                 We made it!!!!

                                                         Babes we have to hurry before the phone rings!!!

                                                  The Shoes.. Via Spiga..

Reviews on Brass Tap

Food was mediocre.. You can always tell when foods aren't prepared fresh and was simply reheated.. Very intense flavors, perhaps a little too overpowering, but I guess lessen learned is never order bar food at 11:00 pm when establishment was opened all day. Very likely you will get left overs..

Next Stop.. World of Beer.. ( Uhh huhhh We're on a Roll)

Here is an excerpt from their website

"In 2007, two friends and aspiring businessmen from Pensacola, Florida, Scott Zepp and Matt LaFon, opened the doors of their bar and retail establishment, World of Beer, to the public. Located in the community of Westchase in Tampa, FL, the concept was warmly embraced by the community. In fact, the interest in this unique concept was so profound that inquiries about how others could open a World of Beer in their neighborhood came in sooner and more frequently than Matt and Scott had anticipated. After much thought, they decided that the most effective way to bring their experience and concept to other communities was to grow the business through franchising."

"Expand your horizons with over 500 different bottles of beer from more than 40 countries, as well as premium wines and fine cigars. Every bottle is also available for retail sale, so you can take your favorites home with you"

You could read more about this fascinating place here

They serve no food.. On brewskies so you better not come on an empty stomach.. This place is a alcoholic's beer enthusias' dream... But, they don't have Piton.. Ohh come on folks.. You gotta get the Piton.. So "our people" need to speak to "those people" to get some "La Bien Ste. Lucie.. Piton... Y Bon" in the refrigerators of all World of Beers..

                                                            Time's up.. Homeward Bound...

Jacket :Zara
Black top: Gap body
Shoes: Via Spiga


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