INVALUABLE Thanksgiving...

......It's Friday evening after the good news of the tests results among other things I will mention later... Brio closes at 11:00 pm on Fridays.. We left our house at 10:15 pm for our 40 minutes drive... Had to call our girl "Heather" at the bar to place the order before the kitchen closed... Never ran so quickly in heels...

                                                    Wow.. We made it... I'm dizzy!!!

 It was very romantic.. The two ladies seated behind me and another gentleman were the only other patrons at the restaurant.. The manager, Brian knows our story and always teases us when we arrive panting and nervous... But I must admit, there is something beautiful about being the last couple dining, with most of the employees gone... It felt like we had a private reservation.. The live music at The Pub next door was just the perfect accent to our little escapade... The kids were asleep, my mother was playing scrabble on the Ipad until we returned home which is always 1 1/2 hours later... Yup we don't need much..

Bracelet: Tiffanys here

                                                   Ring: Vintage Inspired "Forever 21"

 Poor husband was exhaused, but hey, we may never get these opportunities again.. at least for a long, long time..

                                                        ... a little better.. :-)

Nice Cold Brewsky.. my hubby's

Shoes: Zara as shown here
                                                             Dress: Zara

Very lovely evening, but it was time for the old folks to get home...

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